Here at TK Shutters we provide experienced staff to take you through the steps of choosing and installing your new blinds and shutters. We can help you select your blinds and shutters, provide a free quote for their cost and offer tips on personal installation or organise the installation ourselves.



Our sales team will help you to find the shutters or blinds that suit your needs. They will help you to ascertain what is important for you when choosing your blinds, as this can vary depending on what is important in maintaining your lifestyle.

The team will take into consideration aspects such as comfort, durability, reducing energy consumption to light filtration and lowering room temperature. We also take into consideration value for money in our selection process.




After our sales team have selected the blinds and shutters that fulfil all of your requirements, the next step is organising a time that is convenient for them to take measurements for our production team.

All of our blinds and shutters are custom made to provide the perfect fit, so our staff are conscientious in making sure the measurements are correct first time, so that we can fast track the production of your blinds. The earlier you can schedule us in to take measurements, the quicker we can supply your blinds or shutters.




The next part in the process is forwarding on the measurements to the production team, so that they can custom make your blinds and shutters. Our production team are highly skilled and have years of experience making made to measure blinds and shutters, whether you want a lacquered, painted, oiled, stained or powder coated finish.

Once the blinds have been finished we are ready to proceed with the installation process, which can either be done by you (DIY) or we can have them installed through our trained professionals.




For those who enjoy DIY and want to keep costs to a minimum, there are a range of different blinds and shutters that can be fitted personally by hand. When you initially decide on your shutters or blinds, you also need to determine which installation option you'd like to take. We are happy to give you instructions and some handy tips if you prefer to install them yourself.

If you prefer a more stress free alternative we can organise installation as part of your package for an extra charge.